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Best SPY app for Android

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Best SPY app for Android

Nowadays, everyone wants to have knowledge and information about the people around us and those with whom we associate in everyday life but also in the family. Many people are looking for an app because each of us uses their smartphone and travels with it everywhere and it can in many ways become a simple spy tool, both for good and for bad. The application for which I will explain today and will tell you what function it does is called SMS Location and serves as a program that makes possible the download on the mobile phone of the person you want to know about its location at a certain moment. , the interaction with this application is done through SMS (short message service) where through a text code we are identified in the program and it saves that text to recognize us as the person who should return the answer.

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 For example, if your girlfriend is out and you don't want to let her know to ask, just send an SMS to your girlfriend's number and she will give you back a google link that has her exact details. This is the main action of the program but it can also be deleted from the list of programs to make it invisible the language of use can be changed and many other functions that you will be able to discover after downloading and using it ....
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